About the system

The main goal of the CIR.Document Flow software product is to increase efficiency of working with documents by a medical institution’s administrative and managerial staff, to carry out automation of records management operations at a registry office.

The system purpose

The subsystem can perform the following functions:
• registration of incoming and outgoing internal documents;
• mailbox integrated registration of documents can be received via e-mail;
• inputting a document resolution from an electrowriter, decoding it and enclosing as an attachment to the document;
• formation of a control and registration card of task execution;
• mailing documents to executors:
   - registering the date and time when the documents was received and sent;
   - automatic return of acknowledgement of receiving the document by an addressee;
• control of task execution:
   - daily reminders about unexecuted documents and tasks with the deadline;
   - printing out an inspection and review card specifying the list of executors and current responses (visas) by executors;
   - browsing the document hierarchy with response documents of executors;
• browsing the document hierarchy with response documents of executors;
• execution of reports.

Description of the solution

CIR.Document Flow includes three automated workplaces (AWP):
• AWP Registry;
• AWP Manager;
• AWP Executor.

For manager:

• quick search for documents based on different criteria;
• quick input of resolutions;
• control of document flow at all stages of its life cycle;
• control of task execution.

For the registry staff member:

• quick and convenient registration of documents;
• a convenient tool for planning events;
• effective search using any requisites of a control and registration card;
• execution of reports.

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