About the system

The software product CIR.Hospital is designed for full-scale information maintenance of the treatment process – from recording information concerning a patient’s progress to providing immediate access to the EHR documents to an unlimited number of the system users simultaneously.

The system purpose

The system can perform the following functions:
• registration of a patient;
• conducting primary inspection;
• appointing an attending physician and accommodation of a patient specifying the ward and bed number;
• browsing a patient’s previous cases of applying to the medical institution;
• conducting an examination at the department based on a form established by the medical institution;
• кодирование encoding diagnosis in accordance with the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, the10th revision approved at the 43rd World Health Organization assembly  
• keeping the list of diagnostic and drug prescriptions based on established protocols of examination and treatment;
• keeping progress notes and epicrises, pre-surgery conceptions and protocols of surgeries using formalized protocols established at the medical institution with an opportunity to add graphic marks;
• automated formation of a discharge summary with an opportunity to introduce changes.

Description of the solution

The CIR.Hospital subsystem includes several modules:

• Module «Admission department»

• Module «Electronic health record»

• Module «Expertise of treatment quality»

• Module «Recording temporary incapacity»

For manager:

• control of a medical institution staff work by means of introducing obligatory rules into the system;
• regulating work of diagnostic departments by means of introducing electronic schedules;
• opportunity of quick and convenient data analysis;
• patient-specific accounting of pharmaceuticals (if the subsystem «CIR.Pharmacy» is available»).

For attending physician:

• reduction of time spent on keeping medical documents due to using treatment protocols, examination templates, references, automated formation of documents based on the available data;
• access to a patient’s examination results available from a workplace right after the examination or a consultation;
• access to previous cases of a patient’s hospitalization at the medical institution;
• access to the archive of diagnostic images (if the «CIR.Radiology» subsystem is available).

For diagnostician (consultant):

• доступ access to a patient’s electronic medical record and previous cases of applying to the medical institution;
• eduction of time for forming diagnostic decisions by means of using templates and references.

For patient:

• exclusion of the «doctor’s handwriting» problem, because all documents are printed out and only signed;
• integrity of information on the conducted examination and treatment for an unlimited number of years.

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