About the system

CIR.Medical Statistics software product is designed for automatic formation of statistic forms as consistent with user rights, archiving the forms and directing of received reports on the specified itinerary.

The subsystem is designed to be used by a medical institution management and staff of the medical statistics department, economic planning department and accounts department.

The system purpose

The subsystem performs the following functions:
• developing internal report forms on the clinical information system data, which are endorsed by legislation and superior organizations;
• distribution of user access rights to formation of report forms;
• archiving formed report forms and directing them to other subdivisions for analysis;
• providing a flexible tool for developing any forms of reporting with an opportunity to save templates and use them later on.

• an opportunity of receiving statistics information immediately;
• reduction of labor input in reporting;
• reduction of load on the operating data base of clinical information system;
• organization of centralized storage of the received data with access rights differentiation and data back-up mechanisms.

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