About the system

The information system CIR.Nutrition Unit is designed for automation of a medical institution’s nutrition unit.

The main goal of the system is to provide optimal and balanced nutrition of a medical institution patients and accurate accounting of food consumption.

The system purpose

The subsystem can perform the following functions:
• preparing a seven-day menu with control of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and caloric value of the menu;
• preparing a one-day menu based on «template» seven-day menus. The opportunity of adding a new food item, replacing and taking out a food item, measuring a food item norm in a particular dish for the current day;
• formation of a supplementary menu;
• formation of consolidate portion requirements;
• ordering supplemental nutrition;
• keeping a card index of groceries;
• keeping the card index of dishes (recipes) specifying the ingredients, indications, cooking technologies. Cards can be imported from an external file (for example, Microsoft Excel);
• accounting a food item consumption rate depending on seasonal prevalence;
• printing out statutory reporting;
• creating and transaction of recipe card;
• automatic formation of an expenditure invoice depending on the number of patients at different diet-tables and days of the week based on the current week menu;
• formation of a menu for a day and taking into account daily consumption on different funding sources, if such records are kept at the nutrition unit;
•step-by-step cancellation of transactions for introducing changes;
• browsing the log of groceries flow at the food warehouse;
• browsing the current situation at the warehouse;
• printing out standard accounting reports.

Description of the solution

Primary content is available in the system references and classifiers:
• over 1500 items of food with specified units of measure, caloric value, composition (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), consumption rates;
• approximately 200 basic cards;
• reference of a clinic departments.

An opportunity of preparing a seven-day menu which may serve as the basis for a one-day menu is available for user convenience. The current information on groceries availability at the warehouse is taken into account in preparing the menu. An opportunity for a dietitian to make a supplementary menu is available in the system.

There is an opportunity to create an application for supplementary groceries that aren’t included in the menu of the day.

For manager:

• control of groceries availability and delivery;
• control of consumption rate;
• providing patients with well-balanced nutrition;
• opportunity of quick and convenient data analysis.

For nutrition unit staff:

• considerable reduction of time spent on compiling routine documents.

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