About the system

CIR.Transfusion Medicine is a full-function software product providing automation of a hemotransfusion station (department, office) work: keeping a united card index of donors and rejections, control of blood (blood components) flow, performing applications for blood and its components.

The main goal of the software product is to provide the necessary level of organization and control of making timely and adequate organizational decisions at medical institutions in order to provide patients’ treatment process that requires a certain level and quantity of blood and blood components.

The system purpose

The system can perform the following functions:
• keeping a database of donors based on the blood they donated;
• keeping a database of applications for blood from a medical institution departments;
• making a list of a suitable blood packet taking into account the application requirements;
•execution of reports on donors and donated blood.

Description of the solution

The CIR.Transfusion Medicine subsystem includes several modules:
• Receptionist;
• Medical practitioner;
• STD and skin specialist;
• Medical assistant;
• Scrub nurse;
• Centrifuge nurse;
• Lab technician (of a clinical, immunology, biochemical, bacteriological laboratory);
• Transfusiologist;
• Forwarder;
• Head nurse;
• Chief of department.

For manager:

• receiving information about the blood bank and blood components promptly;
• control of blood materials flow at all stages of the process;
• constant use of the current bank of donors;
• control of a medical institution personnel work at all stages while strict sequence of actions and obligatory rules are followed in the system.

For transfusion station (department) staff member:

• quick and convenient registration of a donor documents;
• quick search for a donor using different;
• exclusion of entering information about a donor repeatedly in each examination and in test results;
• time saving and reliability of data in execution of reports.

For donor:

• time saving at all stages of registration and blood donation.

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