About the system

The information system CIR.United Dispatch Service (IS UDS) is designed for distributing and recording execution of applications by auxiliary services.

The main goal of the system is to provide an institution staff with tools for executing tasks of work planning, increasing efficiency and reliability of information about the work in progress, performing reports on accomplished tasks.

The system purpose

The subsystem CIR.United Dispatch Service is designed for distributing and recording task execution by operating services and performs the following functions:
• receiving and formation of troubleshooting applications from departments;
• marking whether the application has been approved or cancelled;
• control of performing scheduled work;
• adding an application in the schedule for execution;
• printing out clearance records;
• execution of reports;
• personnel work load statistics;
• opportunity of using the system via a pocket PC.

For manager:

• control of task execution by auxiliary services staff;
• optimal work load for specialists;
• opportunity of quick and convenient data analysis.

For staff:

• considerable reduction of time necessary for responding to a reported emergency situation.

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